Hemp vs. Tobacco – A battle…

Hemp vs. Tobacco – A battle…


Hemp, cousin of cannabis with one main difference, it is genetically lacking high THC content, and unlike Cannabis it has a much greater concentration of CBD. Industrial hemp has commercial, agricultural, industrial, and medicinal value. It can be used as a food supplement, for health and beauty, paper, clothing, rope, shoes, & more - it can even replace plastic. Hemp cigars, also known as hemp-blunts, look to build on the established cigar market by introducing a non-tobacco product high in CBD.


Public support for hemp has accelerated growing interest in the agricultural sustainability of hemp farming, creating a new revenue stream worth billions of dollars. From our farmers booming farms we bring you the Havana Hemp cigar – full of high quality hemp and the wrap made of hemp as well. Hemp cigars look like a tobacco cigar but contain no tobacco or nicotine. They contain low levels of THC and high levels of CBD - which offer a healthier alternative to tobacco cigars. These cigars can be used to treat anxiety, stress and many more ailments - and of course can and should be inhaled.

By definition, regular cigars are made with tobacco which is known to contribute to various forms of cancer, heart disease, lung diseases and more. Tobacco has even been shown to activate and alter neuronal pathways in the body, changing how they respond to endorphin levels in both the short and long-term.


Hemp cigars traditionally offer a long-burning smoke with calming characteristics due to the THC and CBD levels. Many smokers receive their daily quota of CBD from their hemp smokables. A typical mid-sized Havana Hemp Corona cigar with Suver Hayes bud weighs 9 grams and contains as much as 1,100 milligrams of CBD per cigar. This amount of CBD is equivalent to a standard dose of 1000ML tincture of CBD. Many of our competitor’s hemp cigars use a tobacco leaf wrapper or a strange hemp leaf, as it is extremely difficult to wrap with all hemp. That is why we, Havana Hemp, are here. We hand roll each hemp cigar using a 100% organic hemp wrap made out of pure hemp. No tobacco and it looks and smokes like a regular cigar without the harmful ingredients of tobacco products.

So, next time you are in the mood for a cigar try our 100% hemp cigar and enjoy the aromatic, long burning, healthy smoke loaded with CBD and just a dash of THC. 


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