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Cigarella Hemp Cigar 25 Pack

Cigarella Hemp Cigar 25 Pack

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A Display of 25 Authentic Cuban hand rolled 2+ gram 100% hemp cigars - packaged in an airtight, reusable Doob Tube.

This premium batch of Suver Haze, a Hemp Sativa flower, exudes a pungent aroma sure to make your head bob. With green and purple buds this Sativa is one of the best buds we have ever produced.

  •  No additives, Non-GMO, and no pesticides
  •  Federal Farm Bill Compliant, Delta-9 THC less than 0.3%
  •  Hand trimmed and slow cured for 60 days
  •  Rolled in Little Havana Miami by seasoned Cuban cigar rollers. 

Straight from the nutrient-rich soil of North Carolina, then carefully cured and hand trimmed, this strain’s buds consist of high concentrations of trichomes. 

14.9% Total Cannabinoids + under 0.30% THC - this strain is Sativa

 No Tobacco!! 

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