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Display of 25 Hemp Pre-rolls

Display of 25 Hemp Pre-rolls

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This display of 25 hemp pre-rolls, weighing 1.2+ grams have performed phenomenally in the retail space - selling like hotcakes within our retailers communities across the country. Our 1.2+ gram hemp pre-rolls are rolled w/ RAW hemp cone using our Suver Haze sativa strain. 

14.69% CBD + under 0.30% THC 

  • Non-GMO (no additives/pesticides)

  • Hand trimmed + slow cured for 60 days

  • Grown in the nutrient-rich soil of North Carolina 

      Due to each batch of Suver Haze being carefully cured and hand trimmed, the strain’s high concentration of trichomes is preserved, leaving in its trail a plethora of purple color and natural shine.

       No Tobacco!!



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